the Dr. Agronomist Mario Nolfo

BioSole d'Oro

Who we are


The Farm, Organic Sun Gold is an company of predominantly family-run present in the agri-food sector for approximately 30 years.


Conducted in direct economy: direct from Dr. Agronomist Mario Nolfo with your family.


Born in the ’90s, it began its activity with the cultivation of a small agricultural fund, with an attached workshop for the transformation of its products, with an annual production of modest quantities.

the Dr Mario Nolfo and his family

BioSole d'Oro
At present, the company has grown with the method of biological:
  • Oranges cv. Newhall
  • Oranges cv. Tarot
  • Clementines seedless cv. Nova
  • Mandarins cv. Ciaculli
  • Lemons cv. Femminello
  • Olive cv. Tonda Iblea
  • Olive cv. Moresca 
  • Olive cv. Nocellara Etnea


  • Nero d'avola
  • Inzolia



In recent years, the company has converted the method of cultivation, focusing exclusively onorganic farming, controlled and certified by the control body CCPB IT BIO 009.

The agricultural funds of the Company Bio Golden Sun are located inside the territory of the Municipality of Mineo, in the province of Catania, between the hills of the Iblei Mountains and the southern part of the plain of Catania.

In this area, thanks to the micro climatic conditions, sudden changes in temperature between day and night, to the vicinity of the volcano Etna and the love of the good fruits of the earth, yes get quality products, renowned in the world.


Apiary & honey


In nature we find an Apiary that practice the nomadic lifestyle, that is, the hives are moved from time to time to catch the blooms that follow in the territory for the production of fine orange blossom honey citrus, wildflowers and eucalyptus trees. In the spring time begins with the collection of the citrus honey that comes from the blooms of the various species grown orange, mandarin, clementine and lemon juice, often mixed with each other. At the beginning of the summer, and gathers the honey deriving from the flowering harmonious of all the species of flowers, nectar, and concludes that the production of honey the harvesting of honey of Eucalyptus trees present in the hilly wood. The honey is the nectar of flowers collected by bees, is by them turned into honey and deposited in the cells of the honeycombs. Rich in enzymes, simple sugars , vitamins, proteins, and salts mineralli. The enzymes contained in honey make it a living food and continues to change, the lowering of the temperature crystallizes (synonymous with quality). It is light in color, straw-yellow when it is liquid cabia color if it is crystallized. The nose reveals intensely the flowers that have the product. The taste is sweet, the aroma that radiates to the palate it is intense, floral, pleasantly rounded and almost fruity. The Honey is extracted by centrifugal force in the laboratory of the agrarian company, guaranteed by the permissions and health checks. The crystallization of the honey takes place to process the natural fall of temperature in autumn. To get it liquid enough to soak it in water at 40° C.

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